Girls(HBO) Ep 2, American Horror Story: Coven Ep 11, Love and Hip Hop NY Review

Girls(HBO) Ep 2, American Horror Story: Coven Ep 11, Love and Hip Hop NY Review

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TatiAnaMercedes (1 год назад)
Estrellitawilliams (1 год назад)
I agree I do think Cyn is better looking than Erica. I just can't with
Erica's fake ass. I have NO issue with fixing what you want but I need her
ass not to look like so misshapen. 
Enola Faye (1 год назад)
i wanted marie laveau to get lalaurie after she stabbed her and it just
pissed me off so much that she got knocked out. like why every time she
tries to fight this racist bitch. she always loses. is this a message like
Heart of Tarts (1 год назад)
I like black and white too, but I can never wash it right. Can't wash it
with the darks because of the white. Can't wash it with the lights because
of the black. And the black always bleeds. Please share you washing
secrets. Dry cleaner?
Martha May Whovier (1 год назад)
I love these reviews... and Talenti lol
Lydia Amea (1 год назад)
You look pretty :-)
BlackRidinnHood (1 год назад)
I agree I'm over Kathy bates' character. 
Kayla Holloway (1 год назад)
Also im very confused on why myrtle let Delphine go any where with that
black man. I was all for myrtle till that very moment. 
TheNaomiChristina (1 год назад)
"Y'all didn't teach nobody to conjure coins!" LMFAOOOOOOO YESSSSS 
Thatraspyshxt (1 год назад)
Yessss Those twists are laid like easy on a Sunday morning!!!! But delphine
needs to go, cordelia is gonna snap on someone. They talk to her like she
isn't shit. 
Radikalgnu (1 год назад)
I refuse to watch Girls any more cause of when Adam raped his girlfriend in
the second season. That really fucked me up
Stefanie Brown (1 год назад)
A lot of the time, Girls annoys the shit out of me and I do spend so much
of the time watching it, rolling my eyes. But what got me last season was
the fact they showed someone (Hannah) struggling with mental illness, and
aside form the dumb-ass cotton bud/ear scene, I found that really
relatable. It felt as if it was portrayed in a real way, and I watched
Hannah going through a lot of the things I went through (when she hides
from Marnie, especially) and just found that really reassuring, in a way,
that this kind of thing was actually getting airtime now; because usually
mental illness is just portrayed as something that goes hand in hand with
like, criminals, murderers and rich white old men who just got fired from
their six figure banking job. I guess my point, which might have got lost
in all that rambling, is that mental illness is real and real people go
through it and it felt good to see it on television.
Christina T (1 год назад)
As far as AHS: Coven goes I feel like myrtle is going to end up being
supreme I think she's tired of playing nice and no one suspects or expects
her to even want that position that bitch got animosity issues case and
point when she took those witches eyes to give to ol'girl daughter when
acid was thrown in them 
Iwasacage (1 год назад)
i sooooo want to hear more about the magic shop! i thought it was very cool
and interesting at the time that you got the job.
Kymalicous (1 год назад)
You seem super fun, you are like a friend in my head.
1montanafly (1 год назад)
Are u going to review bad girls all star battle and real world again?
Bianca lo (1 год назад)
Agreed on girls
Sage Valentine (1 год назад)
I can't stand Delphine either. I want her to go. 
Ashley M. (1 год назад)
I dont understand Erica. Like I understand being in love with Rich but she
crying crocodile tears over Cyn but all in Rich's face the next day.

I feel like Rashida think because she's getting married, she has the right
to talk down on Tahiry. Like if you really did not care for Tahiry's
occupation, she couldve been said something about it